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"Joy of Scripture" invites anyone to become a member and to enjoy the benefits which come with it. It is through one such membership that women and men in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ can be spiritually and academically equipped for the mission field.

Membership provides a structured and supported environment to stay theologically relevant in an ever-changing context of our time. Continuous Professional Development is at the heart of this Membership Programme. 

R595 Monthly 

No Contract Cancel Any Time

Our Mission


Online Member Community

The benefits of an online member community are endless – peer-to-peer connection, access to experts, exclusive resources, and more.

Flexible Online Learning and Certifications

Study SAQA accredited qualifications for FREE on our cutting-edge e-learning platform.

Mentoring Programs

Mentors and mentees connect with one another and choose the relationships that they find most valuable.

Virtual and In-Person Events

Our virtual events are just not another webinar – we make it a chance for your members to engage by weaving community and connection into it. Our in-person events are memorable.



We create a list of members, experts, partners – all of which are locked up behind our membership wall. Member directories will help people find peers in their area and build relationships

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